School Administrators benefits

"Hybrid Learning Platform enables you to use your school's savings and energy efficiently with its high level of time and performance management!"

  • The Hybrid Learning Platform: It enables your school to take an active role in the transformation process in education.
  • The Data-Based Integrated Decision Support System: It allows you to improve your teaching processes with the right timing and correct interventions. It creates a corporate memory of all the parameters equally by educational boards.
  • World's First research-based teaching and learning collaborative personalised and student agency platform. It ensures the storage and transfer of about your students Academics, SEL, Life Skills, Outside The Box Learning in a single platform. It supports the production and creativity oriented work of your students and teachers.
  • Professional development support: It enables you to have an assertive staff to apply up-to-date educational methods with their competencies. It enables you to increase efficiency and quality in education with innovative and dynamic learning environments. It significantly reduces the administrative costs of your institution.
  • Anonymous Feedback: Get regular feedback from Students and Parents regarding the teachers to better understand their expectations.

Teachers benefits

"Hybrid Learning saves teachers a significant amount of time with its calendar structure that enables them to easily manage their educational processes and professional routines."

  • It redefines the role of the teacher as innovative educator and places him/her at the epic point of transformation in education.
  • It enables the teacher to mould his/her strategies, teach in accordance with the habits and learning styles of the students.
  • It allows the teacher to Plan lessons and customise the teaching processes in a student-centric way
  • It enriches the learning environments with qualified, original, and reliable digital content, compatible with national and international curricula.
  • Use a single application to teach, manage assignments, review Assessments and communicate feedback. 
  • It offers necessary applications to create content and interactive assignments and produce assessments for and of learning.
  • The Professional Development Programmes help teachers to become lifelong learner by expanding their professional vision.

Student benefits

"With Hybrid Learning Platform interactions such as discussing, sharing and voting, students improve their communication, problem solving, multi-faceted perspective and critical thinking skills."

  • It offers a personalized learning environment for each student.
  • It supports students in terms of digital literacy and content production with collaborative projects.
  • Peer interaction enables students to take responsibility for learning and teaching with the opportunity of interactive learning.
  • With detailed analysis, it provides students with specific guidance to their deficiencies and enables them to save time by working in a target-oriented manner.
  • Student's portfolio helps them to be actively responsible in their learning goals & makes them prioritise and manage tasks with the calendar & To-do list features.
  • Student profile helps them to discover & express their personality, goals & ambition.

Parents benefits

"Increased parent satisfaction with strong communication and home-school coordination."

  • Parents are ensured that the child makes learning a part of their daily life, both in classroom and beyond, that their social learning skills are strengthened and that this will be reflected in their academic success.
  • They are constantly informed of the current progress of their child.
  • They know that their child can now learn fully and permanently with special instructions for the deficiencies, and they can follow the process themselves.
  • Parents do not need to search for an additional source during the preparation process for the school exams.
  • Parents get real time notification on classes, Assignments, and Assessments enabling them to play active role.