All-in-One (School Based Learning, Home Based Learning, Community Based Learning, Society Based Learning through national and Global Collaboration) Learning Management System through Hybrid Learning Platform.


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  • The demo will be held to see Hybrid Learning Platform in action.
  • Free trial accounts for teachers, students, and school admins.

How Does Hybrid Learning Platform Help You Easily Manage Your School?

  • Full control of employee affairs, including attendance, leaves and more.
  • Reduce paperwork costs and digitize all school managerial processes.
  • Help school administrators staff to easily follow up on teacher's performance.
  • Easily create Assignments and Assessments, and Daily homeworks, and send them to students.
  • Motivating students using cutting-edge techniques through Points and reward-based assignments.
  • Parents can easily follow up on their children at any time via application.

Why Hybrid Learning Platform Is the Ideal System to Manage Your School for teaching and learning?

  • Contains 3 systems (Learning Management + Students and Staff affairs Management + Calendar Management).
  • User-friendly interfaces for school management staff, Teachers, Students, and Parents.
  • Virtual classrooms and the latest teaching methods to keep up with the digital transformation of education.
  • Powerful student portfolio, deep results analysis, and detailed reports to measure student's performance.
  • Native web app for teachers, students, and parents to facilitate using on desktops, phones and tablets.
  • Enhances communication among all parties of the learning process at school, anytime and anywhere.