By partnering with Hybrid Learning Platform, School Boards, Publishers, Schools and Content Providers can:



Easily embed interactive elements and assessments throughout your content so teachers can measure students’ comprehension


Create comprehensive, full-course solutions with teaching notes, interactive Watch, Listen, Read, Write and Do assignments that teachers and students can use in-and-out of the classrooms.



Make updates to your content in real-time based on feedback from teachers and students.

When you succeed, we succeed.

Today’s ever-changing labour markets are continuously creating demand for new skills. As business strategies change, individual skillsets must adapt and grow in order to impact the business. Our mission is to help every enterprise meet the challenges of this new reality by enabling the next generation of the world’s expertise. Hybrid Learning Platform global channel partner and alliance programs are an integral part of our mission and a core avenue to all segments of the Private and public sectors.


Who Are Hybrid Learning Platform Partners?

Hybrid Learning Platform Partners are Curriculum Associates staff who are dedicated to serving educational institutions. Hybrid Learning Platform Partners equip educators to build data-driven classrooms and connect actionable insights with rigorous instruction. The result? Students who are engaged and invested in their learning. Hybrid Learning Platform Partners stems from our core value that the quality of our service is as important as the quality of our products.

Partnership Opportunities

There are several ways to partner with Hybrid Learning Platform. The following are some examples of how we can work together.


Content (Academic, SEL, Life Skills, Outside the Box)

Would you like to have your content discoverable on Hybrid Learning Platform for our mutual schools? The first step is to encourage your client contact to reach out to their Hybrid Learning Platform. All current integrations are happening at the request of our clients versus the providers at this time.

Strategic Partnership

Hybrid Learning Platform is looking to work with strategic partners who are consulting organizations on their tech needs, integrated services around Hybrid Learning Platform and more.



Hybrid Learning Platform is an open ecosystem connecting multiple platforms for streamlined technology solutions. We are currently integrating with technologies our clients are requesting. Have a client that is using Hybrid Learning? Please work with your clients contact to get integration discussions going.

Hybrid Learning Platform global channel partner and alliance programs are an integral part of our mission and a core avenue to all segments of the private and public sectors. We seek partnerships with like-minded organizations to join us on this journey. Partnering with us will impact your revenue growth and strategically differentiate your business while helping to equip and enable the new world of career-long learning and skill development.

Hybrid Learning Platform offers unparalleled support to ensure your partnership with us is a success. With dedicated Business Development, Channel Solutions, Engineering, and Consulting teams, we work with you to understand your company's goals, business objectives, and available resources to support our partnership.

“Our partnership with Hybrid Learning Platform has enabled us to make this connection with our clients, enabling career growth and skills development. The innovative online learning solution has differentiated how we engage with our clients, empowering them to achieve better outcomes through developing a lifelong relationship with education and learning.”

All our programs come with the same award-winning service.

To get started please fill out the application with detailed information on how you want to partner with us.

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We are always open to new partnerships with educational organisations, services and content providers.