Physical & Virtual Interactive Classes

A better virtual interactive experience

Side-by-side sharing for Hands-on instruction test students directly in Hybrid Learning Platform Work Problems interactively with virtual group whiteboards easily share virtual classroom links and recordings.

Interactive classes

Hybrid Learning Platform makes remote learning more immersive by giving instructors and students the ability to share screens simultaneously. Simply enter your recurring class schedule and get URL-based meeting and links that can be published to students and their calendars.

Content Management for Assignments & Assessments

It enable all members of the Learners to access, review, and give feedback on learning

Students have both fixed and flexible learning, providing them with control of up to the school Students use this time to shape their learning according to their Academic, SEL, Life Skills, Outside the Box learning goals and priorities, which they have choose from school.
We believe that to flourish in the highly complex

The structure of our platform is designed to allow students to exercise a greater level of control over the pace at which they work, the spaces in which they work and what they choose to focus their time on.
Live Tracking Assignments and Assessments

Students must emerge from school confident in their own interests, their preferred learning styles, and their capacity to manage themselves in unfamiliar contexts.

Assignments Process

Interactive Assignments that Motivate Students Outside the Class

Multimedia-friendly. Easy-to-use question types. Automatic point based. With Hybrid Learning Platform, you can create dynamic, interactive Watch, Listen, Read, Write and Do Assignments students will love. 90% of students said the variety of assessment types in Hybrid Learning Platform helped them develop critical thinking skills.

Keep the learning going after class lets out

The more you do, the more you learn. Sounds simple. The challenge is keeping students engaged with assignments outside of class, while providing the feedback they need to stay motivated and on track. Hybrid Learning Platform solves these issues with its homework system by making it easy to create dynamic, interactive assignments purpose-built for today’s learners. Incorporate interactive elements to engage students with an in-class assignment or homework activity and save yourself time by using pre-built questions you can import with ease. Plus, with auto point based functionality you can make grading a snap, giving you and your students immediate access to results.


Assessments Process

Run Assessments and Exams, Easily and Securely

Empower students to show what they’ve learned in particular subject and lesson. Create and run effective tests and exams to cover any assessment scenario.
Create a variety of formative and summative assessments

Including quizzes, and secure exams students complete on their own devices. Save time with auto grading functionality and maintain academic integrity no matter where assessments take place. With application you can monitor student activity and get an automatically generated proctor report as soon as the assessment ends.
Live Track Assessment

Provides an exciting alternative to traditional reports that provides real-time feedback. Drawing on assessment for learning strategies, the traditional report format is replaced by regular updates on process. Feedback is transparent, high quality, and makes process visible.

Student Academic and social Development portfolio

Portfolio Management of Hybrid Learning Platform

It is a unique digital memory feature in which students academic achievements as well as projects they participate in and extracurricular social activities are collated and exhibited. It captures the overall learning and the overall outcomes. This area, which is created specifically for each student and is constantly updated, records every step in the learning process, it ensures that the information about the student is transferred to the next year.

The portfolio approach is a long-term and powerful development monitoring tool

In terms of comprehensively getting to know the students by their teachers and school management & planning goals for the future. It is also critical, considering that it will involve into an accreditation tool over time.

School Development Management

In order to contribute to the professional development of new generation teachers who are productive, creative, directing, and open to communication and interaction.

Hybrid Learning Platform supports professional and social competencies, teachers are provided with a special sharing and collaboration environment for different developmental areas such as education and technologies, assessment and evaluation, classroom management, 21st century teaching methods and techniques.

Calendar Management

Hybrid Learning Platform Calendar Management
It provides the ability to manage a calendar of online or physical classes schedule, Assessments and Assignments activities.
It delivers the location, time and detailed descriptions of the activities to be held by your institution to the targeted users in your schools. However, each school can plan different activities by also managing its own event calendar.
It allows you to enter the mock exam and written exam dates in your institution and to be entered in the calendars of all relevant users.
It is the field where all existing or newly created courses, all subjects and dates of processing on Hybrid Learning platform are entered. In this way, a common teaching schedule can be created.


Effective Communication for Time Management

Hybrid Learning Communication Applications that enable communication with teachers, students and parents by institution and / or school administrators; It includes communication tools, mobile friendly and notification structure.

Mobile Friendly