Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid Learning Platform is the world’s first “Collaborative, Personalized Learning, Next Generation Education Management System for SCHOOL BASED LEARNING, HOME BASED LEARNING, COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING, SOCIETY BASED LEARNING”. It is a comprehensive education solution that integrates all educational boards, managerial and production-based processes of schools as the "Academic Backbone" and enables them to be managed from a single point. It is unique with its total benefit as an integrated process management and its structure that ensures that learning continues uninterrupted outside the school boundaries.
A Best Learning Management System (LMS) offers the following features:
  • Collaboration model with National and International teaching methods. 
  • Meaningful Assignments that trigger system
  • Conduct, and evaluate online assessments and Exams   
  • Integration with mainstream collaboration platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, Teams, CollabNow. 
  • Transparent communication between Parents, Teachers, Students and Administrators.  
  • Student overall Portfolio
  • Customization
EdTech is the combination of tech tools and educational practices used to enhance learning. It is a combination of hardware and software, such as tablets, projectors, Learning Management Systems, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
Group participation is an essential part of a student’s learning journey. When students speak up during class, they learn to word their ideas in a way that others can understand. Through questions, they obtain information that enhances their understanding of the topic taught. Moreover, it is a valuable teaching tool as well, as teachers know about the student's understanding and adjust their concept explanation and assignments.
Assignments can be created by identifying learning gaps, gathering ideas, creating videos and digitizing current resources.
Yes, the student can upload their assignment back.
Hybrid Learning Platform is a Personalised and Student Agency Learning Management System (LMS) focused on classroom collaboration for enhanced pedagogy and learning experience in educational institutions.
Hybrid Learning Platform is a multi-user Learning Management System (LMS) platform with a single, secure sign-in. It is used by the school administration, teachers, students, and parents.
Hybrid Learning Platform is fully secured. This ensures no malicious or unwanted code is being stored in the database
Hybrid Learning Platform versatile and inclusive pricing plan ensures no school and educational institution is left behind on our journey to digitally transform education.
Hybrid Learning Platform offers its superior customer support to schools included in their Advanced Plan.
Hybrid Learning Platform focuses on providing an optimum user experience at all times, this is why Hybrid Learning Platform is web-based and app-based in mobile. Web-based applications can run on any modern and even some old browsers.
Research indicates that diversified content formats reinforce learning amongst students. This is why our content management system supports content in picture, audio, video, and document formats.
Hybrid Learning Platform understands the teachers’ need to test students’ learning with objective and subjective questions. This is why we support numerous question types and formats for our online assessments, exams, and assignments – essay, short questions, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice questions, match following, match matrix, multiple response and true/false.
Hybrid Learning Platform facilitates parents as they play a key role in students’ learning future. We have a separate sign-in for parents where they can collaborate with teachers on students’ performances, access notice boards, get notified when assessments are uploaded and their progress, and view their children’s individual progress reports.
Hybrid Learning Platform students’ portal allows students to access their online classes according the timetable, Assignments, Assessments. Students can directly message other students and teachers and be part of groups. It all counts towards effective class participation.
Our single sign-in application supports different user levels. This is why we have a separate dashboard for students, teachers, administration, and parents. The teachers and school administrations can access their respective dashboard features that enhance and focus on students’ learning as an end result.
Hybrid Learning platform supports for students and teachers performance, assignments and assessment performance reports, and graphical annual portfolio.
We believe in ‘seeing is believing’. Hybr id Learning platform offers a demo run of our web application before you can proceed to on-board your school with the best collaborative and personalized LMS.
How quickly you can sign the agreement. Hybrid Learning platform can on-board your entire school or educational institute within 5 days.
Yes, we facilitate online Assessments/exams, that allow teachers to view the students through their webcam. Additionally, we support AI-based user authorization and time-stamped reports that include tab-switching and face-tracking.
Hybrid Learning platform understands, as the best collaborative and personalized LMS, the importance of integrating top video-conferencing software to facilitate easier collaboration amongst teachers and students. This is why we have integrated Zoom and Google Meet with Hybrid Learning platform.
Our instant messaging feature is one of the key Hybrid Learning platform features that resemble the top instant messaging applications. It not only allows easier collaboration amongst students but also with teachers-students and parents-teachers. Moreover, it allows the administration to value their image and monitor the exchange between students.
There is no limit on the number of classes you host. You can have unlimited number of subjects and classes in your school.
Hybrid Learning platform facilitates teachers by allowing them to post scheduled, subject-wise assessments/exams. They can then share the assessment snippet through the instant messaging system and receive submission notices as soon as a student submits the assessment.
With our automated system, you get daily reports on which teacher is contributing to the learning of your students the most and which teacher is lagging behind.
Our instant push notification system allows the administration to post role-based notices that can be accessed by students, teachers, and parents. Hybrid Learning platform automated notification system supports attachments that allow the administration to attach multimedia such as circulars or event posters, etc. to their announcement.
Any school that values learning will have an effective learning management system that maximizes the students’ learning experience. Learn more about how Hybrid Learning platform helps schools in their teaching journey here.
Being a web-based and app-based Learning Management System, Hybrid Learning platform supports multiple devices. Web-based applications can run on any browsers.
Hybrid Learning Platform records attendance through its automated attendance management system. Parents receive notifications for students’ attendance as well.
We focus on you and the learning journey your students are upon. This enables Hybrid Learning platform to create features that enhance the learning process for teachers and students alike, simultaneously enabling you to measure the learning process in terms of students’ performance.
Hybrid Learning platform has a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) System as well as an Attribute-Based Access Control System (ABAC). Different roles have different access controls, and each role can have access based on certain attributes as well.
Hybrid Learning platform understands all its users’ needs. We understand not everyone has access to large bandwidths at all times and accessing/posting data, such as notifications or checking marks and reports may be urgent, at times. This is why we support low bandwidth internet connection as well.